Boba Who?

In 1986 at a tea shop in Taiwan, 4 simple ingredients were combined, giving birth to the first Boba tea.


Sweetened Milk


Tapioca Balls

After becoming a staple in Asia, Boba quickly hit a global market value of $4 billion and is expected to increase to over $8 billion by 2024.

An Untapped Market

Despite worldwide growth and popularity, we believe that Boba in America is highly concentrated on the coast primarily due to the high costs associated with building and operating a physical store, making it hard to expand into untapped markets.

The Future of Boba in America

Our goal is to expand Boba consumption in the US by providing an alternative treat & moment of escape beyond the typical specialty coffee experience.

Our Model:
Keeping Costs Low and Quality High

Shopping Malls
College Campuses
Business Parks

By removing the expensive overhead of real estate and labor, Bobacino’s compactly designed Boba machines bring affordable, high-quality Boba to high-traffic areas.

Lead Investors

Embark Ventures is a pre-seed and seed stage fund focused on "deep tech" companies. They look for ambitious teams with break-through proprietary technology which provides a highly defensible competitive advantage in transforming multi-billion dollar industries.

Wavemaker is a top 10% early-stage venture capital firm founded in 2003. It is headquartered in Los Angeles and Singapore and manages over US$400M in assets.

Well, and us

Darian Ahler
• Co-Founder/Head of Ops: Truebird
• Mechanical Engineer: AeroFarms
Kyle Cothern
Lead Engineer
• Lead Project Engineer: Arrivo
• Senior Design Engineer: Hyperloop One
Marcy Ren
Automation Engineer
• UCSD: MS, Mechatronics, Robotics, and Automation Engineering
Ruslan Tita
Development Engineer
• UC Berkeley: Civil Engineering with an emphasis on Structural Engineering
Christoper Louie
Head of Marketing
• Founder/CEO of BRNDMKRS
•  Director of Media Cue Inc.

Live Investor Webinar with Q&A

On April 20th, Wavemaker Labs is hosting a special Food & Beverage-centric webinar with CEOs from 4 promising startups that are paving the way for the industry.