Tap Into the $1.9 Billion Boba Boom

Our robotics help businesses reach this explosive market growth with 6X higher profit margins.


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We Make Boba Better

Our robotic bobaristas serve up customizable bubble tea just about anywhere a vending machine can fit. That means bringing boba tea to high-traffic spots like airports, colleges, and malls at a fraction of the cost of opening a traditional boba shop.

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Our Mission

We don’t have to be distracted by the ups and downs of today’s stock market. If we pursue a listing on a public exchange down the road, we’ll have more to think about. Right now, we’re out to build the strongest business possible.

And things are looking great:

A market primed to grow 128% bigger by 2028
Delivering 6X higher margins for boba businesses
Partnerships with brands like the Boba Guys
$52 million in projected revenue
Complete Investment
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Invest Now

The Boba Market Will Double in Size

Boba tea is one of the hottest trends on the planet with 94% of 20-somethings buying boba in the last three months. With that sort of demand, it’s no wonder the market is expected to grow by $2.4 billion in just a few years.

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Boba Just Got More Profitable

Businesses are dying to reach this market, but traditional boba shops are expensive to open while high costs eat away at profits. Our robotic kiosks can be opened just about anywhere in as little as a week and boast a 31% profit margin. That’s why brands like Boba Guys are already partnering with us. 

Complete Investment

Traditional Boba Shop

New location cost:
∼$200k - $375k
Time to launch:
up to 12 months
1-2 weeks
RE location:
Independent property
RE Footprint:
700 sqs ft
16 sq ft
Number of employees:
1 part-time
Profit margin:
Downside risk:
∼100% loss
Move pod to new location
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We’re Projecting $52 Million in Revenue

Reaching $52 million in revenue by 2025 might sound ambitious. But by giving businesses a way to make even more money in a booming market our projection might be too conservative. 

Investing In Us Has Some Big Perks

Being one of our early investors means you can lock in a lower valuation.

5% bonus shares with a $1,500+ investment

10% bonus shares with a $5,000+ investment

15% bonus shares with a $10,000+ investment

20% bonus shares with a $20,000+ investment

Complete Investment

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